Katie and Chris’s wedding day had finally arrived! I had been looking forward to this day for a long time as well, as Katie and Chris are a fun couple with an equally fun celebration planned. Things got started in the bridal suite, where the bridesmaids were extremely helpful in finding a well-light place for me to photograph Katie’s dress.
Once the dress was photographed, Katie stepped into it, with a little zippering help from her mom.
Chris’s mom was there, too, brimming with happiness for her son and new daughter.
Meanwhile, Chris was in a nearby hotel room getting ready with his groomsmen. When everyone was ready to go, the crew stepped out to the street and headed toward the designated “first look” spot.
The first look took place on the LaSalle Street Bridge. Katie and Chris lit up when they saw each other, smiling smiles that lasted for the rest of the day. The two took a few minutes to look each other over, then we set to work taking portraits on the bridge.
The wedding party was on hand, too, and sprung to action when it was time for group pictures.
Next up was some hang out time at Logan Arcade. The wedding party enjoyed a round of drinks, some group games and, of course, pinball.
This groomsman was not impressed with me when I interrupted his game. I get it, though. As a Tetris lover myself, I know how intense the game can get.
After everyone spent all their quarters, Katie rounded up the troops and loaded up the party bus. It was time to get married!
On the ride to the venue, Katie and Chris shared a kiss…
…and a few moments later, the groom was in his place, watching as his bride walked the aisle.
Katie was escorted by her parents. Look at that happy family!
Katie joined Chris and the ceremony began. It was a beautiful ceremony, too, held on this amazing rooftop on one of the brightest, sunniest days ever. Ideal wedding weather!
A few friends helped out with the ceremony by sharing readings.
Once vows, rings and a kiss were exchanged, Katie and Chris were officially official! Congratulations!
The newlyweds made their way down the aisle…
…and took a few minutes to themselves in a private room. Chris’s mom joined them shortly after, still unbelievably happy from the ceremony.
Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour then settled into the dining hall for the reception. While meals were finished, Katie’s dad began speeches by thanking guests for sharing the day with the family.
Then Katie’s maid of honor took a turn, delivering her toast in honor of the newlyweds.
And Chris’s brother took the microphone, giving a hilarious speech.
When the sun went down, the dance began, and the newlyweds kicked off the party by sharing their first dance as husband and wife.
Chris enjoyed a parent dance with his mom…
…and Katie shared a dance with her father.
Then everyone hit the dance floor! And boy, could this group move! See for yourself in these pictures from Katie and Chris’s dance party:
I hated to take the couple away from their party, but the night was too pretty (and the view too great) to pass up.
It also afforded Chris an opportunity to shout at people hanging out in the courtyard, encouraging them to get inside and dance!
Whew! What a party! Thanks for sharing it with me, Katie and Chris. Congratulations on your marriage!