I met Katie and Martin at the 31st street beach for their engagement session.
We weren’t alone! A family of ducks was there as well, taking a walk.
They’ve been here a few times and love the view of the skyline. I do, too!
After a few shots by the lake, we moved inland.
We didn’t notice this sign until after we finished shooting the three images below. Whoops! Photography’s not without it’s hazards!
We moved on to a different location after our brush with danger.
Much safer!
Well, except for the trains that come speeding by every few minutes. But we kept our distance.
Katie and Martin are fans of the T.V. show “Friday Night Lights”.
Katie became obsessed with cowboy boots because of her addiction to the show!
It’s a great look for her though, and Martin agrees.
These boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what we did.
Next up was an outfit change and a few minutes in front of one of my favorite murals.
Martin was feeling a little frisky!
And he couldn’t resist the opportunity to compare physiques with the luchador.
This may be one of my favorite murals ever. I was glad to stumble upon it when I was with these two.
They both struck perfect poses here. So dramatic!
Katie and Martin, I can’t wait to work with you both again at your wedding (which also happens to be on my birthday!) next June at Chicago Illuminating Company!