Things were laid-back and relaxed at Salvage One as Katie prepared for her wedding. Rachel Reiman was finishing up the bride’s makeup design while family and friends enjoyed each other’s company. I could tell from the start that it was going to be a fun day.
Big smiles were all around, especially from Katie’s sister and mother, seen here.
And the bride couldn’t keep from smiling, either! She had to duck into a closet to keep her groom, Scott, from seeing her.
He walked by the bride’s suite quickly, stepping into a nearby room to finish his preparations.
Cufflinks… tie… jacket… check.
Scott was ready with enough time left over to play a few rounds of air hockey with his friend. Sweet!
While Scott was downstairs, Katie was on the second floor, slipping into her gorgeous wedding gown. I was knocked over by the beadwork- so beautiful!
You couldn’t get the smile off of Katie’s face as the final touches were put into place.
One last important detail… Katie borrowed her mom’s shoes so that she could walk outside for photos in the wet snow.
Scott was in position, just under the Chicago sign in Salvage One’s courtyard, ready for his first look at Katie.
The bride hiked up her dress and prepared herself for the icy walk to her groom.
Scott lit up when he saw Katie…
…and Katie was quick to show off her fancy shoes.
We moved back inside to take some pictures before the ceremony began… it was hard to resist the call of the skee-ball machine.
There are tons of nooks and crannies around Salvage One that are perfect for portraits…
…and we were making the best of them.
After making the rounds on the first floor, we climbed into the freight elevator to make our way to the second.
The lighting in the storage room was amazing, so I had the happy couple settle in for a few pictures.
There was no shortage of laughs as we checked out all of the Salvage One goodies.
Katie tried her best to give serious face for the camera…
…but it didn’t work. She was just too happy and that smile won’t be denied!
We found some letters laying around, and Katie posed with the first letter of her last name…
…and Scott did the same.
Finally, the two of them together. It was the perfect reminder that it was almost time for the ceremony.
They headed downstairs, but there was some important business to attend to first…
…one last practice of their first dance.
Meanwhile, the guests were beginning to assemble and enjoy the pre-ceremony cocktail hour.
I love this idea! Everyone gets a chance to enjoy each other’s company and a few drinks before taking their seats.
A friend of Scott and Katie’s sang near the end of cocktails to let everyone know the ceremony was about to begin.
Their moms took their places just before the processional began.
With family and friends seated and ready…
…Scott and Katie walked the aisle, hand in hand.
Several of the couple’s closest friends participated in the ceremony by delivering readings.
It was absolutely beautiful to see how many people Katie and Scott share their lives with, and the perfect way to begin the ceremony.
Scott and Katie stood hand-in-hand, listening intently to every word.
And sharing the occasional laugh.
Finally, the time had come for Scott and Katie to share their vows of marriage.
After vows, they exchanged rings…
…and sealed the deal with a kiss.
The newlyweds headed upstairs to spend the first few moments of wedded bliss alone together- and they were definitely blissful, as Scott began the marriage by giving his bride a foot massage.
A bit later, while everyone was finishing up a delicious meal prepared by J & L Catering, the couple took to the microphone to thank everyone for their love and support.
Then the newlyweds took to the dance floor to share their first dance as a married couple.
A big finish to the dance…
…and that was it! The Becca Kaufman Orchestra kicked into high gear and the party was underway!
And these guests were ready to party, too!
Everyone brought out their best dance moves…
…and there were some pretty sweet props available, too.
Scott’s mom could barely contain her excitement as well. She was one happy momma!
The party kept on moving into the night. What a day!
Congratulations on your marriage, Katie and Scott! And thank-you for sharing this fun day with me!