Katie and Scott will be getting married this March, and I’ll be there with them as they celebrate their union. But before they get married, we had an engagement session to complete!
Man, is this ever a fun couple. They were laughing together like this through the whole session.
It was great getting to know them better as we hit all the different Chicago photography hot spots.
I was loving how this photo set itself up.
If this is torture, chain me to the wall!
A big squeeze and carry next to this colorful fence…
…not too tight, Scott!
Speaking of colorful, this mural is one of my current favorites, and I think Katie and Scott liked it, too.
That’s right, girl! Show off that ring!
Our next stop was Salvage One, where they will be having their wedding and reception.
Hello, there!
I’m already looking forward to their wedding day. I bet they’ve got some fun surprises in store for everyone!
We wrapped things up at Scott and Katie’s Home Sweet Home.
A smooch on the porch swing. Living the dream!
It was great to see you, Katie and Scott, and I’ll see you again in a few short months for your wedding!