Keegan and Alexa were excited to be spending the afternoon at the park…
…and I was excited to be with them, taking pictures of this dynamic duo.
Mom and Dad were there, too, getting into frame in-between all the climbing, jumping and playing.
And there’s always plenty to do and see at the park!
Keegan made his way across the monkey bars with a little help from his dad.
Hangin’ tough!
Keegan tried his best to convince Alexa to grapple down the curly pole, but she didn’t look too sure about it.
Keegan shows me how it’s done!
Alexa tried her hand at the springy duck ride…
…it felt weird at first, but she got the hang of it!
Awww… what a good sister, giving her brother a push on the swing.
I bet these two have a lot of fun together…
…and they certainly are a photogenic duo!
Keegan and Alexa came running when their dad called them.
He told them to look carefully at the post…
…a ladybug!
Dad brought it in closer for further inspection.
It was great to meet you, Keegan and Alexa!