I was bummed that I’m unable to attend the wedding of our good friends Kelly and Iwan later this summer, but I was very happy that I could have them come into the city for an engagement session.
They are both die-hard Bears fans, so they threw on their jerseys and we went to Soldier Field for a bit.
One of their favorite hobbies is hiking, so we went for a wander in the woods.
Maybe not the woods so much as the park by the Lincoln Park Zoo, but close enough.
And of course, Jarrod was there to show off. Always looking for attention. Kelly and Jarrod have been friends for a long, long time. Ten bucks says he makes an ass of himself at the wedding.
Kelly and Iwan tolerate him very nicely, though.
Congratulations on your marriage, you two! I’m looking forward to years and years of great memories!