Kelly had done all her homework in preparation for her wedding. She was all set to marry her fiancee Josh, and I was happy to tag along to document it. I started off with Kelly in her apartment as she was getting dolled up.
The stylist from Robert Jeffrey had finished with her make-up and hair, and all that was left was to put on the jewelry and dress.
Her friend was there, too, using the steamer to make sure the dress was perfect.
Kelly slipped right into her dress and was ready to go.
Josh was outside their apartment attending to some final details of his own.
They had their first meeting right outside their home with family and friends watching from the balcony above.
I love this shot that Braxton got during their first meeting.
After their first looks at each other, they gave the onlookers a big wave and headed back inside.
The next item of business was the Ketubah signing, which they did in their home.
Josh, who builds furniture, made the table that they signed the Ketubah on.
Josh’s dad, along with the rest of the family, was on hand to witness the Ketubah signing.
When the signing was completed, we all jumped on the bus so we could take some pictures before the ceremony. One of the groomsmen hustled down the street, arriving just in time to hop on with us.
With everyone present and accounted for, we hit the road.
The first stop was Lincoln Park Zoo, and a Chicago landmark that’s perfect for a big group shot.
It works well for photos of the couple alone, too.
As we moved through the park, I noticed that a fellow photographer was shadowing me! This is Kelly and Josh’s good friend who was also the officiant for the ceremony.
The weather was gorgeous that day, and presented us with some wonderful photo ops around Lincoln Park.
After our Lincoln Park session we moved back to the bus and headed to the next stop…
…Montrose Harbor.
This is one of the most perfect Northside sites for photos in front of the Chicago skyline.
Or just the sky in general.
It was ceremony time! The bus dropped us off at Architectural Artifacts where the stage was set for both the ceremony and reception.
Josh made this welcome sign that was hanging in the front window of the store.
And the interior was decorated beautifully. Tina and Dollie designed and delivered all the flowers that were on display.
The cake was making my stomach rumble! This amazing confection was made by Swedish Bakery.
After shooting some of the details, we headed up to the rooftop of Architectural Artifacts for a couple of pictures before the ceremony.
Meanwhile, the guests were just beginning to find their seats. This guest was checking out the atrium that was directly above the ceremony site.
Josh was the first one to make an entrance, escorted by his parents.
His mom gave Josh a big kiss before taking her seat.
The flower girl was terrified!
But she got an ‘A’ for effort. It can be scary walking out in front of all those strangers!
Kelly’s father walked her down the aisle where Josh was waiting for her.
Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kelly as their friend began the ceremony.
Kelly’s dad watched on with a sentimental look on his face.
A friend of the couple’s got a little choked up as she recited one of the chosen readings.
Come to think of it, there weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the house.
Finally, Kelly and Josh exchanged their vows and rings.
Josh ended the ceremony with the traditional breaking of the glass.
Mazel Tov!
Kelly and Josh had a Mariachi band there to play music after the ceremony and during cocktails.
Josh’s dad met his son with a big hug after the ceremony.
Guests got right to partying, enjoying drinks and appetizers that were catered by Jackie with Mario’s Catering.
Mmmmmm… meatballs….
Now THAT’S a stogie!
Kelly’s grandparents had front-row seats for enjoying the Mariachi band.
After cocktail hour wound down, Kelly and Josh started the formal reception with their first dance as a couple.
Then it was time for the parent dances. Here’s Kelly with her dad.
And Josh with his mom.
Kelly’s sister, who was the maid of honor, led off the speeches.
Then Josh’s best man gave a toast to the couple.
This is a friend and colleague of Kelly’s who (along with Kelly’s mother) is responsible for setting Kelly and Josh up. She was telling the story about how it all went down, and she was hilarious.
With speeches and dinner done, everyone congregated to dance the traditional Hora.
The floor was packed, which made it all the more fun. I love weddings that involve a good Hora!
Kelly’s brother’s band, the Honchos, played the reception.
They kept the crowd rockin’!
Josh’s best friends rounded him up for a group photo just off of the dance floor.
I left these wild and crazy guys to do their thing…
…and took a photo of Kelly and Josh’s rings before I left for the night.
Thanks for sharing your day with me, Kelly and Josh, and congratulations on your marriage!