I shot Kelsea and Ryan’s wedding last year, and they asked me to shoot their trash the dress session at their alma mater, Naperville North High School. I met up with them just as the school was dismissing for the day.
Here’s Kelsea and Ryan, dodging the students as they rush out for home. I was the same way when I was in school. First out the door.
Kelsea’s mom came along for the madness.
They were excited to be back in their old stomping grounds.
And they were excited to show me around the place!
They spend a lot of time here… their old lockers!
Kelsea was captain of her track and field team back in the day! She joined the newbies to show them what’s up!!
Ryan got in on the action too.
Now that they were all stretched out, it was time for a run.
Kelsea gets a special award for sprinting in a wedding dress. That takes skill.
Of course, we had to do this shot.
Science class was up next, and here’s every high school freshman’s worst enemy, The Periodic Table.
I don’t know what these were models of (art class was more my speed), but they looked really cool!
The girls always tease the boys they have a crush on.
After a long day at school, it was time to relax with some games and pizza!
Mr. Chuck E. Cheese gave Kelsea and Ryan some tips on mastering the electronic Whack-A-Mole game.
You’ll always be my favorite corporate mascot, Chuck E!
Ryan is the Peter Frampton of the Guitar Hero circuit.
Kelsea carefully plans out her operation.
The trip’s not complete without some pop-a-shot.
Look at that form!
Kelsea and Ryan enjoyed this machine…
…it did my job for me.
They lost their shoes…
…and had fun playing around the jungle gym.
Ryan staked a claim on this area.
Mmmmmm! Time for pizza!
Skee-ball! My favorite!
Kelsea’s favorite too!
It was time to cash in the tickets.
They ended up with a stunning replica of her wedding ring.
We used the last of the tickets to buy some cotton candy.
I had an awesome time with Kelsea and Ryan- I felt like I was back in high school again! Thanks for the fun!