Khushbu and Jason will be getting married next June, and I’ll be right there with them to document the wedding. But first things first- we had an engagement session!
I was so glad that the weather was cooperating with us that day. Not a cloud in the sky!
Khushbu and Jason wanted to take advantage of Chicago’s many urban backdrops, and we made this ‘bird on a wire’ mural one of our first stops.
Next, they showed some love for the Windy City…
…followed up with a trip down one particularly cool alleyway.
A quick shot under the EL…
…and then a smooch on the loading dock.
We were hitting all of my favorite spots!
It was the PERFECT day to take this picture… Downtown Chicago seemed so bright and shiny!
As we finished our pictures on the bridge, we headed to Montrose Harbor.
Jason noticed this mural as we entered Montrose Harbor. Awesome find!
While at the harbor, I had Khushbu and Jason climb a nearby hill…
…and encouraged some frolicking.
What a shoot! Time for a snack. Wiener’s Circle?? Don’t mind if I do!
Thanks for a great session, Khushbu and Jason! I’m looking forward to your wedding now more than ever!