I was so excited to see Kieran again! It had been almost two years since our last shoot… and a lot has happened since then! Kieran was very excited to introduce me to his little brother, Jude.
I met up with Kieran, Jude and their parents at the Evanston Art Center a few weeks ago for a family session.
The whole family jumped into frame for a few portraits…
…and then Jude and Kieran had their turn in the spotlight.
I loved little Jude’s outfit!
Kieran wasn’t shy about exploring the grounds of the Art Center.
I went in for a few close ups…
…and then it was time to play! Kieran wasted no time checking out the playground equipment.
Jude was happy as could be, checking out all the fun equipment.
But brrrrrr… it was freezing! Kieran announced “that’s a wrap” and the family hurried back to the car to warm up.
It was great seeing you again, Kieran, and meeting Jude for the first time! I hope to see you and the family again very soon!