I met up with Kristen and Brandon at their apartment a few days before their wedding celebration to photograph their civil ceremony.
I began by taking a few portraits of the couple…
…and then they took me on a tour of their home, which began with an introduction to their dog, Hank.
Their other pup, Molly, was quick to join in the conversation.
A family portrait.
I’ve worked with Kristen, a florist at Asrai Garden, at many weddings, and was excited that I was on hand to document hers!
And of course the apartment she shares with Brandon had scores of cool details for me to photograph.
I would see these two again later, as they made an appearance at the wedding celebration as well.
The rain was pouring down as Kristen and Brandon’s close family and friends arrived.
Her mom and dad were all smiles as they came in from the rain.
Kristen shared some time visiting with friends while Hank tried to score a snack.
Something tells me Hank gets plenty of love.
…PLENTY of love.
Meanwhile, Molly was putting on a show for guests.
Here’s Kristen’s sister, doing her Molly impression.
With everyone gathered in their living room, Kristen and Brandon’s friend began the ceremony.
Kristen’s dad teared up as ceremony began.
Kristen and Brandon made their vows of marriage to each other while Hank proudly served as a witness.
Hank is one hilarious pooch.
Rings and vows were exchanged…
…and then they were married!
Congratulatory hugs all around!
Brandon’s mom and stepdad offered their love and congratulations…
…before Brandon prepared drinks for the toast.
Here’s to Brandon and Kristen!
Check in again soon to see the pictures from Kristen and Brandon’s wedding celebration!