Kristin and Justin are getting married next June, and we got together a few weeks ago for their engagement session. Kristin had the best idea for kicking off the shoot- Justin put on a suit and Kristin donned her mother’s wedding gown. She’s a seamstress and revamped the dress for our shoot. I love it! We met on the city’s south side, near Promontory Point, to get things started.

Kristin was so excited to be out and about in her mother’s dress. She was all smiles and looked so pretty as she twirled around and around.

And Justin didn’t look too shabby, either. The handsome couple explored the park with me and we took advantage of the backdrops the park offered and the fantastic fall weather. Enjoy this collection from our stroll in the park!
Whew! Justin and Kristin made themselves more comfortable when we returned to their home and they got ready for the second part of their engagement session. They coaxed their cat into tolerating a few pictures – and shared a quick smooch by the entry to their home – before we headed out into their neighborhood.
Our next stop was the UIC campus, where Justin attended classes. There were plenty of opportunities for us to act silly…
…and even more cute little corners that were perfect for engagement photos.
I’ll have to keep UIC in mind for future shoots!
We moved out into the West Loop, stopping by a few of favorite Chicago backdrops. I’ve paid more than one visit to this colorful fence this wedding season- I hope it’s still around next year, too!
Look at how happy these two are… I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for their wedding. I’m sure it’s going to be one for the books!
The last outdoor stop on our session was the rail yard. I love how big and beautiful the sky looks in this picture.
And that’s a wrap!
Kristin and Justin invited me to join them at Elixir Lounge, where Kristin works. They bellied up to the bar and ordered drinks while I snapped away.
Delicious! But not nearly as sweet as your wedding day will be!
I’ll see you again this June, Kristin and Justin! I’m already looking forward to your big day!