I had a blast in Los Angeles shooting Adam and Kristine’s engagement session and was really looking forward to the wedding.

When the day started, I was greeted by this guy…

Some getting ready shots…
The dogs were great! This dog has a job too…. He chases geese off golf courses. Crazy!
He also likes table scraps!
And their first meeting was in her parents front yard. Kristine also grew up in this house so it was perfect!
And her sister was ready to attack the veil. It was a bit too long so they did some crafty tailoring!
And a note from the groom…
Kristine’s mom and dad!
And then the pictures begin!
Some love for Homewood!
I had to get this shot before we headed inside to check out the reception site…
The guys were getting ready…
And so was Adam…
And then we headed out for more pics!
I love this one!
Kristine and her twin!
And then we headed inside for the Ketubah signing…
And the ceremony…
And the party starts!
The first dance. I love the little dancing fairies on Adam’s jacket.
Attacking the ‘AWESOME’ cake.
Kristine’s mother helped in collecting several blue and white vases for the reception.
Her sister gives a speech.
And Adam’s brother does too. This was his impersonation of his brother!
Thanks to Lisa for this crazy crowd shot!!
Some craziness…
Melissa from Blue Plate!
Um, love it.
This guy was not playing around on the dance floor!
The dancing was insane! They were dancing so hard they fell down… Crazy!
And the ring shot!
Thanks for a fun night and a CRAZY reception! It was a blast.