I will be shooting Kristine and Adams wedding this summer but I went to Los Angeles to do their engagement session. I am jealous of the weather out there. I was heading home on Friday in November and it was supposed to be 90 degrees there!! WHAT!

Adam and Kristine chose to take me to the La Brea Tar Pits near the museums in LA. We had to shoot fast because they both had to get back to work in a hurry! Kristine is a divorce lawyer which I thought was pretty hilarious. Adam is an assistant writer on ‘Til Death with Brad Garrett. This happened the day before our shoot!

Needless to say…it was a long night at the office for Adam.

Breaking the rules of photography school. Yes, I realize that a tree should not be coming out of someone’s head….but breaking the rules are fun. Here is a shot to prove we were in CA! Palm trees.
We found some great textures!
And you can see the ‘Hills’ behind them. Thank GOD you cant see Heidi and Spencer. Could they be more annoying?!?!
This mural needs to be in Chicago! I love it.
Is this a gopher or a bear!?!? Seriously, I am still not sure?!!
I love this one.
We took a few shots for the paper and this was our ‘what if this was in the paper’ shot.
And then we took two ‘rock star’ shots!