I met Laura while working for Spertus. Laura is the head chef for Wolfgang Puck at Spertus. Obviously, the food at the wedding was going to be amazing! Not only was the food great, the party was a blast too!

A quick intro shot!

Her son arrives and she greets him before we head out to do some REALLY fast photos!
But not before Dennis gets some love from his mother…
And we were off!
She wanted a shot in front of the statue on Michigan…
How great is her dress?! She ordered it from overseas… Nice!
Laura spotted a pretty cool caterpillar!
When we arrived back at Spertus, someone was not wanting to participate in family photos!
We had to take a few minutes to shoot in the kitchen!
A few window shots!
Love this one!
The reception room… The view was insane!
Some very cool flowers…
Some of the GREAT food!
More food!
Dennis tries to get the microphone to work for his ‘thank you’ speech!
This cake. WOW. So good.
The hora!
Susan from Spertus! We go WAY back… =) Um, she is totally flipping me off!
More dancing…
And mingling…
And hamming it up!
Dennis and his mother…
This was the incredible view! I LOVE this shot! What a cool room for an intimate wedding reception.
See you soon, Laura!!!