Meet Lauren and Ed! This fun couple is getting married next June and have asked me to photograph the day! Before that though, we got together for an engagement session. Here’s Ed, showing how romantic he can be! What a better place to strike a cheesy pose like this than under a “this is not art” sign. They were totally up for mocking cheesy wedding pictures! =)
We started by hanging out near an underpass.
I have been frequenting this spot.
A great location on the west side!
They were hamming it up all day.
I had them stop under this bridge on our way out so I could get a shot of clouds with the skyline in the background.
The Lily Pond was another spot on our trip around town.
The leaves had just started to change.
Love this one!
The colors were awesome.
Lauren spotted the orange tree and gave Ed a kiss for the photo!
Life’s Too Short provided the backdrop for this silly shot.
Love this place!
Lauren strikes a pose in the giant orange canoe.
5 hour cleaning and Chop Suey? Why go anywhere else?
We took one last picture on the bridge before moving on to our final destination…
A New Leaf the venue they’re using on their wedding day!
I love this place. Look at this gorgeous garden.
The inside is pretty cool, too! Lots of rustic and homey details!
This is going to be so beautiful for their wedding next June.
Lauren took her engagement ring off for this shot amongst the stars.
Congratulations on your engagement, Lauren and Ed! I’m looking forward to shooting your big day in June!