Laurie and Matt’s wedding day had finally arrived, and they asked me (and my camera) to spend it with them. George and Michelle from George the Salon had finished her hair, and as I arrived, Laurie was having her make-up done by Silvia Marie Ruiz.
Laurie’s family was there, too, enjoying the day with her. That’s her mom pictured below.
And here are her nephews, all dressed up and handsome in their tuxes.
Laurie met Matt on the rooftop of the hotel for their first meeting. Matt’s face here says it all!
We had a few minutes to spare, and they decided to practice their first dance one last time before the real deal.
After dance practice we headed out around the city for pictures.
We had some really great locations on our list, like this scenic spot on the lake.
Before I knew it, Laurie kicked off her shoes…
…and was walking barefoot on the beach.
We grabbed the rest of the wedding party and met them on the Kinzie Street Bridge for a couple of group pictures.
The ducks were hanging out below us, watching as we took photos.
Here’s Matt, posing in front of the Poetry Foundation in downtown Chicago.
While we were waiting to go into the church and begin the ceremony, Laurie’s nephew made a discovery…
…he was enthralled by this cricket!
Things couldn’t get better when someone walked by with their puppy. Her nephews face is priceless!
One of the groomsmen pointed this out to us… Matt’s last name is Ward. And this construction barrier was just sitting there in front of the church. How’s that for a coincidence?!?!
All the guests began to arrive and head into the church to find their seats…
…including Laurie’s adorable half brother and sister.
Matt took his place at the altar.
Laurie was escorted down the aisle of the gorgeous church by her father.
I love Super Friends, too! That’s some good reading!
Matt and Laurie then exchanged their vows.
After the vows and the rings were exchanged, the newlyweds and their guests participated in the rite of Holy Communion.
Laurie and Matt received an excited greeting from their guests as they exited the church.
This guest made sure his suit was in order before heading out to the party.
We jumped into the limo and headed out to the Saddle & Cycle Club for the reception. Matt popped open a bottle champagne for he and Laurie to celebrate with during the drive.
The guests were all running to start the cocktail hour! The Saddle & Cycle Club has a huge yard in front that the younger guests were enjoying.
The guests all arrived at the club and were congregating on the balcony to enjoy cocktail hour.
The temperature had just started to drop a little, and these space heaters were a popular hangout.
Laurie’s dad greeted and visited with guests as they enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres provided by the Saddle & Cycle Club.
And the hors d’oeuvres were tasty!
Matt’s grandmother got a little choked up when he asked for a photo of the three of them.
I had to get a shot of the planes that kept flying overhead.
One of the bridesmaids modeled Laurie’s bouquet, which was arranged by Blumen Designs.
Blumen also helped out with these elegant table centerpieces.
When everyone was seated, Laurie’s dad gave a speech in honor of his daughter and new son-in-law.
Laurie’s sister, who also served as the maid of honor, listened to her father’s speech while waiting to make her own toast to the couple.
Laurie’s mom took the mic to thank friends and family for spending the day with them.
Matt’s best man was up next, delivering a fine toast in honor of his friends.
Then it was time for the party! Rendezvous was the band for the night, and they did a great job of keeping the party going.
The band even let some of the guests help out with the music. Work that tambourine!
Even the baby was partying along with the crowd.
Thanks for a great time, Laurie and Matt, and congratulations on your marriage!