Leah and Ashley were making it legal! I shot their wedding in Florida a few years ago, but with the state of Illinois now recognizing the marriage, they decided to renew their vows on the beach next to their house. The guests all assembled and followed them around their apartment and onto the beach.

They were all smiles!
They kicked off their shoes and stood in the sand.
The group had a good laugh when the officiant accidentally said the wrong names during the vows. Whoops!
They exchanged rings…
…got some lovin’…
…and took care of the paperwork!
Leah’s mom was in attendance and was the first one to hug her daughters.
One guest couldn’t resist the call of the lake.
Back on shore, Leah and Ashley received congratulations from their friends and family.
Leah is an avid collector of beach glass. We couldn’t leave the beach on her big day without finding some!
With the ceremony over…
…it was time to go to Uncommon Ground for some beer…
…and boobs.
Congratulations, Leah and Ashley! Love you guys!