Thats right, its time to work it. =) Leah and Ashley definitely ‘worked it’.
We had a blast and we started in their backyard!
She had to get in a shot…
Or two.
And she was not impressed.
And then it was time to find cool places to shoot…
So…. Leah loves the warm weather and Ashley loves the cold. Leah braved the weather to get some fun images.
And then they did a quick change!
How great is this hotel!
I have always wanted to shoot here and I am glad we did. This is one of my favorites. I love that her dress matches the sign!
This is just dumb. Ha!!!
We headed back to their place and walked down a few alleys.
1722 has been their address for a few years. I love the glare!
And we ended up on their front porch. We really did have a blast. I cant wait for the wedding! See you in Florida!!!!