Lesley and Christian, who had their engagement session with me a few weeks ago, got married at the beginning of the month.
Shawn from Lather was working on Lesley’s hair and makeup when I arrived on the scene. I’m not sure what was being done in the photo below, but it looks painful.
But Lesley survived, and tended to the final details.
Meanwhile, Christian was getting ready. Here he is with his dad and grandpa.
Christian’s grandfather handed over thirteen gold coins to his grandson before departing. This tradition, which originated in Spain, dictates that the groom gives the coins to the bride during the ceremony as a symbol of his trust in confidence in the union. By accepting them, the bride shows that she shares the same trust and confidence. The coins that are used are often family heirlooms that have been, and will be, used for generations.
With the coins stowed in a safe place, Christian headed out to the garden next to the Art Institute, where he was going to meet Lesley for the first time. The suit Christian wore was custom made… he was looking sharp.
And check out his shoes, too. The guy’s got style!
Lesley was looking gorgeous, too, as she and her bridal party left the hotel where she was getting ready.
She made the short trip over to the park to meet up with Christian.
She did a twirl so Christian could see the full effect of the dress.
The three of us set out to take some pictures before the ceremony.
The bridal party caught up with us and joined us for some pictures too.
One of the groomsmen spotted a celebrity as we made our way into the downtown area.
I had the two of them pose for a few shots at the CTA stop before we jumped into the party bus.
Our happy couple joined the rest of the bridal party on the bus and we headed out to our last location before the ceremony.
The flower girl was having a great time checking out the sights and sounds of downtown Chicago.
Everyone jumped out at the LaSalle bridge…
…and posed for a group shot.
Lesley and Christian, who are expecting in February, had some shots taken of them and the baby bump.
Off to the ceremony!
Christian took his place at the altar when we arrived at the church. Here he is watching as Lesley makes her way down the aisle.
Lesley and Christian were married at St. Vincent de Paul Parish here in the city. Lesley was about to make her grand entrance!
It’s such a beautiful church.
Lesley’s nephew helped out his aunt and uncle by giving a reading.
Lesley’s sister, who served as the maid of honor.
Lesley and Christian delivered their vows and exchanged rings…
…and they sealed the deal with a hug and kiss.
Then the newlyweds and guests made their way out into the drizzly day to go to the reception.
I took a bouquet shot before we got on the party bus.
Tina and Dollie designed all the personal flowers for the wedding.
The reception was held at Salvatore’s.
Inside, the tables were all set and ready for guests.
Aren’t these centerpieces cool? Lesley and Christian made them by themselves.
The newlyweds make their big entrance into the reception.
They took their seats, and the best man kicked off the speeches by giving a toast in honor of the couple.
When speeches were complete, Lesley and Christian shared their first dance together.
Then the dance floor was opened up to everyone. And looks like some people were more interested in dancing solo that day.
Everyone had full bellies from the meal and were in a celebratory mood as they enjoyed drinks and each other’s company.
One party goer tried to escape my camera without much luck.
I had a great time sharing your wedding day with you, Christian and Lesley. Congratulation on your marriage! Let me know when your newest addition makes their big debut!