It was a pleasure to work with Leslie and Chris! Leslie is a DJ with Toast and Jam so I knew we were going to rock out some awesome photos! Check them out.

Some getting ready shots.

Heading out for pictures!
Yes, a laundromat!
And the Logan Theater!
Love this one!
Touching up on the way to the next location…
Oh no…look what Leslie is checking out! Ha.
The groom…
The bride…
The wedding was in her sisters backyard. So cool! The guard cats were waiting for us at the door.
Some last minute adjusting.
I saw this on the fridge and had to take it….of course!
Fred was ready to rock the ceremony out!
Leslies mother getting the ok to begin.
The ceremony.
Her sister was crying the entire time. She was adorable!
And some video competition!
She was ready for the party!
A shot with their favorite album. We snagged this on the way to the party!
One of the best reception sites that I have shot at in a long time. It was SO cute. Check them out next time you are in LaGrange.
Mary from Toast and Jam. She was one of three DJs making the reception fun.
The cocktail hour provided some great food! Right Fred?
Some dinner before dancing! How good does that look!?!?
and the first dance….
The party!