Lindsay and Mike have been together for over 9 years, and both were more than ready to walk the aisle and become an official, married couple. I was thrilled to be with them, too, beginning in Lindsay’s bridal suite as Nika Vaughan completed the bride’s makeup.
Lindsay looked gorgeous, and was beaming from ear to ear.
Mike’s sister was beaming, too, as she and the other bridesmaids helped Lindsay into her gown.
Lindsay’s bridesmaids were so attentive, making sure that every detail was perfect.
Lindsay’s mom and sister, sharing a hug. Mike and Lindsay each have four siblings, all of whom were all in the wedding party.
While the ladies wrapped things up in the bridal suite…
…Mike was with his groomsmen, keeping an eye on the game while they got ready.
Mike received a little help making sure his tie was secure…
…and everything was securely in place.
Even the colorful, green-striped socks!
Lindsay was good to go! She and the bridesmaids exited the hotel…
…and climbed on to the party bus to meet up with Mike.
The couple’s first meeting was in their honeymoon suite. Mike took his place by the window and eagerly anticipated his bride’s arrival.
Pure happiness!
The lighting by this window was amazing- absolutely perfect for this beautiful moment.
Lindsay had a few gifts on hand to share with her groom.
One of the gifts was a handkerchief that Lindsay created. She tells me: “I collected a piece of shirt (representing each man in Mike’s life) from Mike’s dad, My dad, Mike’s Pappy and Mike’s Granddad. My mom sewed them onto a handkerchief for him to have on the day, and hopefully pass on in the future. I also carried a handkerchief with a piece of my mom and Mike’s mom’s wedding dresses sewn on to it as well.” Nice work, Lindsay!
I loved that Lindsay and Mike were making time to relax and enjoy the day- and there’s no better way to do that than to crack open a bottle of bubbly!
After a few sips of champagne, Lindsay and Mike were ready to join the rest of the wedding party and take some pre-ceremony photos.
Our couple made use of the wonderful fall weather, traveling on foot…
…and the wedding party was making good use of the party bus.
We walked through the courtyard of the Wrigley Building…
…and ended up finding some beautiful fall-colored trees.
The whole gang was on hand when we arrived at the Art Institute. The following series are some of my favorites from our time in the garden- I’m happy that we were able to take advantage of the last of the fall leaves!
After the garden, the wedding party strutted their stuff down LaSalle Street.
Cheers for Lindsay and Mike!
Just a short ways down the block to the LaSalle Street Bridge for the next series of pictures.
Lindsay’s ladies, gettin’ crazy.
High fives for the whole crew! Great job, team!
One last shot of this extremely camera-friendly couple…
…and it was time to go to The Newberry Library, where the ceremony and reception were held.
Lindsay was totally caught up in the moment as she walked the aisle.
She and Mike joined hands at the front of the room…
…while Mike’s mom looked on with a proud smile on her face.
Lindsay needed to use her handkerchief while Mike read his vows.
And Mike listened intently while his bride made her promise of love and devotion.
With vows delivered, the couple exchanged rings…
…and began their marriage with a kiss.
The newlyweds headed upstairs to enjoy some time alone during cocktails.
The guests enjoyed drinks and conversation before sitting down to a delicious meal served by Limelight Catering.
Soon after, Lindsay and Mike joined their guests, cozying up for speeches.
Lindsay’s sisters started off the toasts…
…followed by Mike’s sister, who shared some words of advice.
Mike’s brothers were up next with their toast in honor of the newlyweds.
And right after speeches, Lindsay and Mike took to the dance floor to share their first dance as a married couple.
Then it was time for everyone to join in on the fun!
And boy, were these guests ready to party.
Kate and Rachel from Toast & Jam were there to play the hits that kept everyone on the dance floor.
I was thrilled to see a former couple of mine, Cora and Nick, at the wedding!
This young guest wasn’t afraid to show off his best moves for the crowd.
What a party!
Thanks for having me share your day with you, Lindsay and Mike! Congratulations on your marriage!