Lindsay’s big day had finally arrived! She was beyond excited to walk the aisle and marry her fiancee, Nate, but first things first… makeup! She was in good hands with Nika Vaughan who, in this photo, is applying the finishing touches.
Gorgeous! Look at that smile… it’s one that stayed on her face throughout the entire day.
With hair and makeup complete, it was time to slip into her dress.
Lindsay’s sparkly shoes were the perfect compliment to her wedding-day look.
Lindsay’s mom was on hand, watching with misty eyes as her daughter finished preparing.
Mom was more than happy to help out by securing Lindsay’s jewelry, too.
A bridesmaid fastened Lindsay’s bracelet…
…and with one last earring check, our bride was good to go!
Meanwhile, Rob was with the fellas as they got ready at The Racquet Club.
The guys checked their ties and collars- no detail ignored.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Nate, looking more distinguished than ever. He finished the last few sips of his drink…
…and then headed out for his first meeting with Lindsay.
Lindsay and Nate got a good look at each other…
…and shared a kiss. We didn’t linger for long, though…
…we were excited to hit the road and take some pictures! Nate sent out text messages to round up the troops.
First stop: Michigan Avenue, and this shady-looking guy.
What a cad! She’s spoken for, buddy!
The couple braved traffic for the classic Michigan Avenue shot.
And then we headed down the street to the Art Institute garden- a beautiful place for wedding portraits.
Lindsay and Nate were soon joined by Nate’s brother, who was serving as Best Man, and Lindsay’s sister, who was her Maid of Honor.
The rest of the wedding party was there, too, ready for their time in front of the camera.
Nate’s mom and brother take a moment to check out the needles of one of the trees. They were talking science and stuff, so I made a quick exit.
Next stop…
…the LaSalle St. Bridge. The wedding party lined up for their group shot…
…and then Lindsay and Nate went solo.
Alright, alright. I love this spot and always get carried away with the pictures. I could have stayed for another hour or so, but we had other places to go!
The trolley was ready for us…
…but the cooler was not. Luckily, the wedding party was ready to take one for the team and finish the beer before the ice melted. Warm beer is the worst.
Just down the street is the Board of Trade, an iconic must-stop for Chicago weddings.
The ceremony was drawing closer, but Nate wondered if we had time for a quick stop…
…by The Wiener’s Circle! A snack was definitely in order!
Who knew The Wiener’s Circle could be so romantic?
Our couple received a warm welcome upon entering…
…and the staff was, as usual, kind and courteous. This cashier represented The Wiener’s Circle proudly, limiting her interactions with the wedding couple to verbal abuse and this single extension of her middle finger. So classy!
Lindsay loved it…
…and so did the rest of the wedding party.
After enduring a vicious berating, Lindsay and Nate shared a sweet moment together…
…and then totally destroyed a pile of cheese fries.
Delicious! Just what the wedding party needed to fuel up for the celebration.
A parting group shot…
…a quick check for poppy seeds…
…and then it was off to the ceremony.
The guests were beginning to assemble at The Chicago History Museum, where Lindsay and Nate were holding their ceremony and reception.
Nate took his place at the front, flanked by his groomsmen. The music swelled, and his eyes lit up…
…as he saw Lindsay escorted down the aisle by her father.
Nate’s mom was in the front row, watching as Lindsay completed the walk.
And Lindsay’s mom teared up a bit as Lindsay was given away.
They joined hands…
…a bridesmaid attended to the dress…
…and the ceremony began.
It was a beautiful service that ended with the proud presentation of the newlyweds.
Lindsay and Nate made their way back down the aisle…
…and outside to the museum’s gorgeous patio.
We even managed to squeeze in a few, quick photos before family portraits began.
They shared a celebratory toast…
…and a moment of reflection.
Then the guests joined the newlyweds on the patio, warmly welcomed by Lindsay.
Nate’s grandma was one of the first to offer congratulations.
She was followed soon after by Nate’s mom, who went in for a smooch as soon as she saw Nate.
There was love all around as the family gathered to take group portraits.
Meanwhile, the guests were inside, mingling and enjoying cocktails.
Rob and I set out to document the gorgeous details, like these table centerpieces. All the floral design for the day was done by the crew at Scarlet Petal.
Mmmmm… cake. This mouthwatering beauty was baked at Amy Beck Cake Design.
As the guests settled in for a wonderful meal prepared by Food For Thought, Lindsay and Nate shared their first dance as husband and wife.
It was such a fun way to kick off the reception…
…and the guests were all more than happy to jump in and party, too!
This poor guest got reeled in by another.
This dance break was a great sign of the party to come…
…but first, toasts. Nate’s Best Man was the first one up with his tribute to his brother.
Lindsay and Nate listened with beaming smiles as they were toasted by friends and family.
Finally, they took the microphone to thank everyone for sharing the day with them.
Lindsay and her father began the dance party by demonstrating their dance skills…
…and Nate and his mom followed suit with their dance.
There was a lot of energy on this dance floor!
Gold Coast All Stars kept the guests on that floor, too! They are awesome at what they do!
The perils of going too low too fast during “Shout”.
The guests were still going wild as I prepared to leave…
…and none more so than Lindsay and Nate, who partied on into the night.
Congratulations on your marriage, Lindsay and Nate! I had a great time sharing the day with you!