How’s this for an excited bride? Lindsay was at Salvage One with her bridesmaids getting ready for her wedding to Sam and I was there with her, photographing my final 2012 wedding.
Amy from Pascal Pour Elle had finished with Lindsay’s hair and Cynde from Cynde Cosmetics just wrapped up with the make-up. Only one thing left to do!
Lindsay’s bridesmaids helped each other out with their dresses while watching Lindsay put on hers.
Lindsay was ready to go! Her bridesmaids looked her over to make sure every detail was perfect and then headed out the door for Lindsay’s first meeting with Sam.
And Sam, who was in the courtyard outside, could barely contain his excitement as he waited for his first wedding day look at Lindsay.
Sam was speechless as he looked Lindsay over.
There were smiles all around as we set out for a pre-ceremony photo session.
I love shooting at Salvage One because it has so many great backdrops to photograph with. Lindsay carefully protected her dress as we checked them out.
The weather was cooperating nicely for a Chicago December, so we decided to head outside for a few pictures.
Right after we stepped outside, Lindsay’s dad and stepmom pulled up in their cab, spotting their first look at their daughter in her dress.
And Lindsay had a big hug ready for her Dad.
The groomsmen all gathered for a group shot…
…and then the whole wedding party struck a pose.
After a trip around the block, we moved back inside Salvage One and Sam stepped behind the bar.
We had a few minutes before the ketubah signing and spent the time wisely, making use of Salvage One’s displays.
Sam looked dapper in his suit…
…and Lindsay made one gorgeous bride.
They had a quick cuddle on the couch…
…and then we were off to the ketubah signing.
Lindsay can’t help but throw up her arms in happiness during the signing.
Their parents read the contract aloud…
…and then the group moves downstairs to begin the wedding ceremony.
Lindsay’s uncle performed as the wedding party walked the aisle.
A special friend of the couple’s walked down the aisle with Sam and his parents.
Sam’s niece wins the award for flower girl of the year. She performed her duties perfectly!
Finally, Lindsay was escorted to the altar by her father.
Lindsay and Sam’s pup gave me a wink as the rabbi began the ceremony.
Everything looked gorgeous, thanks in part to the efforts of Salvage One’s Amy Stockbridge.
Sam beams with happiness as Lindsay reads her vows.
And Sam’s grandmother watches on from the front row.
With the vows read and rings exchanged, Sam and Lindsay begin their marriage with a kiss.
The happy family shared a kiss right after the ceremony.
The guests began the celebration with cocktail hour on the first floor, while I snuck upstairs to take detail shots before dinner. The tables were all set and ready for the meal, which was catered by Hearty Boys.
Lindsay’s bouquet was especially gorgeous.
There were perfect little touches everywhere.
And the cakes! The Bent Fork baked a whole table worth of cakes for guests to choose from and enjoy.
Maggie Speaks cued up their instruments to play during Lindsay and Sam’s first dance.
As Sam and Lindsay neared the end of their first dance, they asked their guests to join them on the dance floor.
Lindsay and Sam were joined by their grandfathers for a toast after the traditional bread breaking.
Lindsay’s mom reminisced during her speech.
Lindsay’s stepmother (who helped Lindsay with the planning of the day) had the guests laughing out loud during her toast.
Sam’s mom was no exception!
Lindsay’s dad had a hard act to follow, but did a great job with some advice for the newlyweds.
With speeches concluded, Lindsay met her dad on the floor for a father-daughter dance.
Lindsay’s dad knows how to cut a rug!
Sam enjoyed a dance with his mother as well.
Then all the guests piled onto the dance floor.
The room was jumping as the guests keep things moving on the dance floor.
Lindsay kept things classy during this group shot with her hometown buddies.
The party raged on well into the night.
What a party! Sam was an exceptional host, making sure that everybody had a chance to dance with him.
My last shot of the evening was of the rings, which I posed with a page from the book Green Eggs and Ham. Lindsay and Sam’s story began 15 years ago when Lindsay asked Sam to the Turnabout dance at their school by slipping a copy of the book into his locker. She had written “Sam I am…wondering if you would go to Turnabout with me?” on one of the book’s pages. He, of course, said yes and the rest is history!
Congratulations on your marriage, Lindsay and Sam! I had a great time sharing your day with you!