It was a beautiful day for a walk- and a beautiful spot to be walking!
This colorful couple is Lindsey and Dave. I’ll be photographing their wedding this July.
The three of us were loose, limber and ready to move. There were a ton of photographic hotspots throughout the city I wanted to share with them.
And one of the first was my perennial favorite- the Metra tracks on the west side. The name doesn’t make the location sound terribly glamourous…
…but it yields some great results!
I’ve been doing a lot of location scouting lately, checking out all the new street art that popped up over the winter.
I was hoping that Lindsey and Dave would agree to try out some of the new backdrops with me and was thrilled they obliged!
The murals make Chicago even more beautiful… but they’re not the only thing that make this city a sight to behold.
And one location that drives that point home is the Lily Pond at Lincoln Park. Listen- I enjoy watching the seasons come and go as much as the next person, but can this spot kindly stay this beautiful year-round?
We were lucky to be shooting on a day when all the trees seemed to be at gorgeous, full bloom.
We had made stops on the street and by the trees…
…so it only made sense to drop by the water! Dave showed nerves of steel… there’s no way I could stand on the edge of the platform like that!
I love shooting at Montrose Harbor. Not only is it a beautiful place to shoot…
…but it’s a stone’s throw away from Angel Food Bakery.
I’m glad that Lindsey and Dave share my sweet tooth!
*sigh* Cupcakes are always the best way to wrap up a shoot.
I leave you with this GIF of the couple playing in the park. How adorable! (Can you spot the seagull cameo? Talk about great timing!)
Congratulations on your engagement, Lindsey and Dave! I’m looking forward to capturing more great moments at your wedding this July!