I couldn’t have been more excited to be back in California to shoot Matt and Lindsey’s Napa wedding. I started the day out in nearby St. Helena with Lindsey as she got ready for her big day. This is the view from their property.
It was an amazing and gorgeous home.
It even had an old outhouse! I was smitten.
I headed inside after admiring the house from the outside. One of the first things I saw was her sister and friends steaming her dress.
Irene, a friend of Lindsey’s who works at Salon Blonde here in Chicago, was working on Lindsey’s hair and make-up.
When the dress was wrinkle-free and her hair and make-up complete, Lindsay slipped into her dress and donned her amazing hat and veil, which were designed by Leah C. Couture Millinery.
Meanwhile, my good friend and second shooter for the day, Jenny Elwick, was with Matt as he got ready.
Matt was looking sharp and was ready to see his bride.
Matt gathered with friends (and the photo-bomber) and headed to meet up with Lindsey for their first meeting.
The couple’s friends watched as Matt and Lindsey shared their first wedding-day looks at each other.
Such a good-looking couple…
…and so in love!
And Lindsey couldn’t have looked more perfect and beautiful.
We had plenty of time before the ceremony to take some photo’s around the house.
It was a little overcast that day, but we lucked out with the trees which were still holding their fall colors.
We moved on to the vineyards at another friend’s home and were greeted by this soulful pair of brown eyes.
Could you imagine looking out your window and seeing this every day?
It was pretty amazing!
Matt, Lindsey, their maid of honor and best man walked with Jenny and I into the nearby garden.
Everything was so lush and green.
The day was a bit drizzly, but Lindsey was prepared!
Lindsey took a seat in the dry van just as a special guest arrived.
Matt’s nephew couldn’t have been happier for his uncle and new aunt.
He couldn’t contain his excitement!
Matt’s nephew joined the rest of the bridal party for some group shots.
This significant spot is where Lindsey’s parents had their picture taken together just before Lindsey’s mother met her future parents-in-law for the first time.
We wrapped up our photo session and headed back so Lindsey could change into her second dress. Good thinking!
A little touch-up with the make-up brush and she was good to go.
Lindsey’s little niece was so patient, concentrating on her coloring while all the grown-ups got their act together.
Matt squeezed a few extra practices of his vows in before he and his groomsmen headed out to the ceremony.
Lindsey wasn’t far behind.
Her cousin drove us to the church through some crazy traffic.
The musicians played the familiar tune…
…and Lindsey’s father escorted her down the aisle.
There were a lot of misty eyes in the chapel as Lindsey’s dad gave her away.
The pastor shared a message and a laugh with the couple and their guests before Matt and Lindsey delivered their vows.
Matt made his promise to Lindsey.
Lindsey had to dab at her eyes while Matt delivered his vows.
Matt’s mom had to get out her hankie, too.
Then Lindsey gave her vows and ring, and they were married!
The happy couple waited outside to greet their guests as they left the sanctuary.
Her maid of honor elaborated on what the emotional guests looked like from her position.
Lindsey’s mom and dad led the pack.
Matt’s mom gave her son a big hug.
Next up was the party, which was held at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.
The design was perfect. Kehoe, where Lindsey works, made the room look spectacular.
Her engagement ring.
I was in love with the flowers. Each arrangement was perfect, from Matt’s corsage…
…to the bridesmaids bouquet. Kate Stanley did a great job.
Each detail for this wedding was expertly planned and executed… all the hard work and talent really showed!
This table at the reception was full of pictures of Matt and Lindsey’s friends and family.
I couldn’t get over how amazing the reception looked. These next shots were taken just before the guests arrived.
One very long table seated over 50 wedding guests.
And I still haven’t gotten over the hanging floral display.
Each place setting was perfect…
…and ready for the gourmet meal that was about to come out.
When all the guests were seated, Lindsey’s dad began the speeches by thanking everyone for sharing the day with him and his family.
Matt’s grandma Dolly couldn’t have been happier for her grandson.
Lindsey’s maid of honor was up next with a toast for the newlyweds.
And then Matt’s best man delivered a speech in honor of his friend.
The best man’s speech had everyone cracking up. Well done!
With speeches and dinner over, you know what’s next… cake! Theirs was made by the staff at the Culinary Institute, so you know it was beyond good.
As the cake was being served to the guests, Matt and Lindsey shared their first dance together as man and wife.
Then Lindsey and her dad showed off their dance skills during the father-daughter dance.
Matt and his mom shared a mother-son dance…
…while Matt’s nephew watched from above.
Then the dance floor opened up to everyone.
There were plenty of drinks and good times to be had.
Congratulations, Matt and Lindsey! It was an incredible evening… thank-you for including me!