Lindsey and Oliver planned a wedding and planned it fast! They had three months to get everything together and have a beautiful Tuesday wedding. I was so excited that they asked me to photograph for them. Ten guests and two people who are very in love. Very laid back and lots of fun.

They were married at the gorgeous Bond Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. They got ready in an empty classroom next to the chapel.

Nika Vaughan helped Lindsey prepare for the big day by doing some beautiful makeup for her!
She helps her mother with the flower. Hmmm, her mother looks scared of getting stabbed in the chest!
Her flowers were awesome!!!
The time came to step in the dress.
The intimate ceremony was about to begin.
Their mothers.
I love this shot of Oliver waiting to make his entrance.
Her mother was not impressed by my sneakiness.
Oliver and his brother watch Lindsey make her way down the aisle.
Bond Chapel has to be one of the most beautiful and quaint ceremony sites in the city.
A special candle was lit in honor of Lindsey’s father.
Amanda whipped out the super wide angle and got this great shot.
They decided to do a ring warming ceremony. It was very touching. They had each of their guests hold their rings and say a little something about their hopes for the couple.
Oliver’s mother and father.
They did it!
Some post-ceremony hugs.
Oliver’s grandmother couldn’t make it to the ceremony but she sent a family heirloom for them to open after the ceremony.
They called to let her know they were a married couple while Oliver’s father taped the special moment.
All of the guests!
We photographed around campus for awhile. It’s an awesome place!
We left campus and headed to the Planetarium for a skyline shot.
Some Chicago firefighters were taking a break in one of the prettiest spots in the city!
Then we stopped off at the Art Institute.
Had to take this! And no, she was not like the girl on the sign!
The AI gardens.
On the left: Married for the 30 minutes. On the right: Married for 30 years. =)
Pointing at the Bean.
My home away from home. The Kinzie bridge.
Our last stop.
Love this shot of Lindsey!
All of their guests were waiting for them at the top of the Hancock building to celebrate. No reception. Just laughs and drinks!
The stunning view.
They love to knit. I love a cute ring shot.
Thanks for a cute, fun and laid back day!