I was so excited for Liz and Joe’s wedding… their reception was a basically a block party that was held in Joe’s parent’s front yard. But before we could party, the couple had to get married! The day started with Joe as he got ready at his parent’s house. His mom was there, too, helping out as needed.
Liz’s dad popped in, too, making sure to check in with the family watchdog before getting too far into the home.
Liz was at a nearby hotel getting ready. Her daughter was right by her side, watching intently as Liz had her hair and makeup done.
Liz had some help getting in to her dress…
…and after some final details were attended to…
…the crew was ready to go! No one was more excited than Liz’s daughter, who was smiling from ear to ear.
Joe’s dad was waiting by the front door, ready to drive us to the church in his Rolls Royce.
Liz and her maid of honor shared some laughs during the drive…
…while Liz’s daughter caught a quick nap.
Liz’s dad was waiting when we arrived. He was so happy for Liz…
…there were more than a few happy tears shed between this moment…
…and when Liz arrived at the altar.
Once she joined Joe’s side, the priest began the ceremony.
Liz’s dad got a lot of use out of the handkerchief Liz and Joe gave him as a gift before the ceremony.
This guest was ready for the party to start. Hang in there, man! It’s coming!
With vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, Joe and Liz were officially married.
Liz led a celebratory cheer as we walked out the door…
…and headed downtown for pictures.
Our first stop was the garden at the Art Institute, where our first item of business was taking portraits of the wedding party.
And then we took lots of pictures of Liz and Joe throughout the garden.
That’s a wrap on the Art Institute…
…next stop: the University of Chicago campus.
When pictures were all finished, we headed over to Joe’s parent’s house, where the guests were gathered for the reception. There were cheers all around as Joe and Liz exited the bus and made their big entrance.
No one was happier to see the couple than Liz’s daughter– she was ready to celebrate!
Joe had a meaningful moment with Liz’s daughter, giving her a special necklace to commemorate their coming together as a family.
The guests were all enjoying food, drinks and each other company as Liz’s friend took the microphone and kicked off speeches.
One of Joe’s groomsmen offered his congratulations to the newlyweds…
…and then they shared their first dance together.
Liz had a special dance with her father…
…and then she invited everyone to join them! It was a great party, full of spirit, laughs and, of course, dancing!
Thanks for inviting me to the party, Joe and Liz! I had a blast. Congratulations on your marriage!