Lydia and Christian are getting married next year… can you guess when? That’s okay. I don’t remember how to read Roman numerals, either. But Lydia does! It’s June 9th of next year.

Her friend and bridesmaid made this necklace for her. Check out all of her beautiful work on her site.

I’m going to be photographing their wedding, and we met up by the lake for their engagement session a few weeks ago.
They headed out on the pier to discover a very cloudy skyline!
They had some visitors too.
Who doesn’t love a good weeping willow?
They changed their clothes and we headed downtown.
Thanks for the reminder!
I love this place. The light was just perfect when we were hanging out under the train.
We moved on to one of my favorite spots in the city!
We ended at the Cultural Center. They met here a few years ago when they were in a show together.
It was a match made in theater heaven!
Lydia had to show off her super cool engagement ring.
Can’t wait to get to know you both more and hang out with you on the big day!