It’s time to celebrate! Edwin and Mary are getting married!
But first was their engagement session, which started with Edwin just hanging out.
I followed the couple as they walked into the woods.
Edwin gave Mary a quick smooch…
…and then we moved into the city. Watch your head, Mary!
I took them to check out some of my favorite locations.
I think Edwin and Mary liked them, too!
Edwin was a hoot… so animated and eager to entertain. He had Mary laughing the whole time.
And look at how much love in is Mary’s eyes as she looks at Edwin.
Next stop was the rail yard…
…Edwin tried very hard to catch his train!
Showing some love for their city.
There was a stop at the bird wall…
…and then Edwin got to monkey around for a little bit.
I had so much fun at your engagement session, Edwin and Mary! I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for your wedding day!