AH! I hope people are still checking out my blog. I have been BUSY! I had a four wedding weekend that most called me ‘crazy’ for doing. Here they are…..the craziest wedding weekend ever.

Mary Kay and Brian are up first! They were the first couple married at Holy Name after the construction was completed. Hope you like.

I love curlers.
Mary Kay getting ready for the big day.
Her mother in a very cool mirror!
‘Going to the chapel’….I remember that song playing when we got on the trolley! Too much. Ha!
And the ceremony begins…
Some tears.
Sealing the deal.
And off for pictures!
Brian wanted some skyline shots. I love this one!
We were stuck in traffic so we popped into Walgreens. Mary Kay, thanks for the water!!!
This says it all.
Going to the party!
He didnt get to come to the party. Too sad.
Uh oh.
They had a surprise visitor sing opera at the end of cocktails. I had her sing something right into the camera!
The new wallpaper at the Allegro…TOO cool.
I surprised someone in the bathroom. Oops.
The first dance.
Parent dance.
And the bride has her own dance. Rock it out!
Some night shots.
The bride hails a cab back to the party.
A parting ring shot.