It was Maryann and Alan’s wedding day. Her mom was with her at the Patrick C. Haley Mansion in Joliet as she finished getting into her dress.
When she was all done up and ready to go, her niece and step-daughter came in to give her a big hug.
While Maryann was all set, one of her bridesmaids had to do a last minute alteration.
Maryann’s niece and step daughter helped out by running downstairs to let Alan know that Maryann was ready for their first meeting.
He was ready to go!
And even though our couple was ready to get things going…
…the best man wasn’t quite there yet!
With everyone settled, one of the groomsmen drove us around town to take pictures.
Our first stop was the train station.
The whole wedding party posed on the benches.
Alan was being goofy all day. This made my job a piece of cake!
More trains!
That’s some intense photo-bombing going on!
I fell in love with this bridge.
Finally, we headed back to the mansion to get ready for the ceremony.
Alan and Maryann were in good spirits and ready to tie the knot.
But Maryann had one more surprise coming…
Alan had arranged for Maryann’s father, who has been in the hospital, to come to the wedding.
She was overjoyed that her father could be there for the wedding.
It was hot that day! Alan took a second to wipe off and compose himself before taking his place at the alter.
The flower girls led off the procession.
Alan watched as his bride made her way to him.
Maryann’s stepfather made the walk down the aisle with her.
Maryann took her place…
…and the ceremony began.
Tears welled up in Maryann’s mom’s eyes during the ceremony.
The couple exchanged their vows and rings.
And then Alan removed the veil before going in for a kiss.
The newlyweds make a big entrance to the reception.
A friend of the couple gives a blessing before everyone dives into their meal.
Next up were the bridesmaids who toasted their friend.
Maryann’s maid of honor got a big hug from the bride after her toast.
Alan’s best man had a slideshow for his speech.
It was a big hit with the crowd.
After the speeches, the newlyweds started the dancing with their first dance.
Then Alan shared a dance with his mother…
…and Maryann danced with her stepfather.
Whhhhoooaaaa! Maryann’s niece was amazed by the chocolate fountain. I was too!
The dance floor opened up and everybody got down.
And Maryann began to greet her guests. She got a big kiss from this partygoer!
They had a wide variety of guest there, ranging from this tall man…
…to an upset couple…
…to this happy fellow.
Everybody was having a great time.
I was happy to share the day with you, Maryann and Alan. Here’s to years of fun and happiness!