The big day had finally arrived for Matt and Yamali. When I arrived at her mother’s house to begin the photography for the day, Yamali had just a few finishing touches to attend to before heading out the door.
Her bridesmaids were all there to help out however they could.
Yamali’s grandmother, seen here in this painting, was watching over her granddaughter in spirit as she prepared for her wedding.
Yamali’s fiance Matt left a present for her to open before going to the church.
She was one happy bride.
We had to make it to the church on time! Yamali’s mom helped her put on her veil and we were out the door.
Leah, who was second shooting with me that day, dropped by Matt and Yamali’s house where the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready. She had just enough time to say ‘hi’ to Matt…
…slam a drink with the groomsmen…
…and hit the road to the church.
Yamali’s aunt, seen here, jumped into the van with the bride…
…and we burned rubber. I LOVE this shot of Yamali in the side view mirror.
We ended up making it to the church with plenty of time. The guests found their seats, the wedding party took their spots at the altar, and Yamali’s dad walked her down the aisle.
Yamali’s dad gave her a big hug as he gave her away.
The church was HUGE, too!
Yamali’s sister participated in the ceremony by giving a reading in honor of the couple.
Matt’s mom and dad helped out with the tradition of “lassoing” the couple. It’s meant to signify that they are bound together for eternity.
Yamali let out some more happy tears as Matt began to make his marriage vow to her.
With the vows made and the rings exchanged, the newlyweds take a moment to pray together.
Congratulations! They followed the priest out of the church…
…and on to the front steps where they shared their first awkward kiss as man and wife!
The guests showered them with bubbles.
Matt had to make sure that it was all really happening!
Drinks, including traditional favorite horchata, were served outside the church for their guests.
And corn on the cob was big hit with the younger kids.
These two did a great job of not getting any on their pretty dresses.
Corn in hand, we headed to a bar across the street from the church.
There were other guests from the wedding there already, enjoying a drink before heading out to the reception.
A round of shots for everyone…
…and then we headed out to take some pictures.
This beautiful mural is on the side of a school that Yamali used to work at.
A shot of the entire wedding party in the courtyard.
Matt and Yamali love to cook for each other, so when we came across their neighborhood grocery store, we popped in to take a few pictures.
They were steaming up those refrigerators!
Mmmmm… apples!
Matt settled up for the apples and we headed back out for more pictures.
Yamali looked gorgeous. Her mother, who’s a professional stylist, did her hair and makeup for the day.
Our tour of the neighborhood wrapped up at a very special location…
…the stair step where they had their first kiss. Awwww… so romantic!
Alright! Enough kissing! Time to go to the party!
Matt and Yamali made a grand entrance.
And then they took their place at the head table with the rest of the wedding party.
Yamali’s dad was the first one up at the microphone, and he thanked the guests for coming to share the day with him and his family.
And the others followed…
Matt’s brother, who served as the best man, delivered his toast next.
Finally, Matt and Yamali thanked their guests for all their love and support.
Yamali’s stepfather sang for her and Matt while they danced their first dance together.
And then everyone hit the dance floor!
It seemed like everyone had a drink in their hand and a smile on their face.
Per tradition, one of the first dances involved everyone dancing around Matt and Yamali in the shape of a heart.
Matt got carried away by his guys.
What a rowdy bunch! A great time was being had by all.
A shot of their rings in front of Han and Leia.
Congratulations on your marriage, Matt & Yamali! Maybe I’ll see you again in 9 months???