Julie is the co-owner of Dame Couture. If you need an awesome dress, call Julie! I recently photographed the wedding of Sara and Kevin and she designed her dress.

After seeing the wedding images, Julie emailed me about shooting her, Matt and her belly. I loved it. Hope you like!

This is an image of the super cool dress she designed for Sara.

Matt and Julie had an awesome place near Midway. The entire house looked like you stepped into the 50’s. I loved it!
The dogs cared about two things and two things only. 1. Beer 2. Popcorn
The fun and bubbly bluegrass band.
And the more serious bluegrass band.
The Kentucky Hillbilly shot. I think we could have read it all if her feet were not so swollen from the pregnancy. Next time, Julie, next time!
One of my favorites! So wrong. And no, she was not really drinking the beer!
And this is by far my favorite! Thanks for pulling out the flag for a few shots. I believe it was well worth it!!!!
Thanks for inviting me over!!!!