Matthew and Meghan were married a few months ago, but were hosting a party to celebrate their marriage with family and friends. I joined up with them in their room at the Harrington Inn in Geneva, IL as Meghan was getting ready. Nothing like a little Susan Lucci and some coffee to get the day started.
Matthew was on the balcony taking care of some last minute details.
Then he joined us in the room as Meghan’s mother was working on her hair.
He decided to serenade us all on the guitar while Meghan finished up.
But he was easily distracted by this find. Passion Kit? Goodness. Whatever could it be used for?
He got a little excited by the find.
Her mother was not being nice with that curling iron.
I’m not sure why she’s putting hairspray on her leg but I was definitely intrigued.
Meghan’s fantastic shoes.
Matthew was trying to figure out which tie was the right choice.
He helped her zip up and we were on our way.
They share a hug as we set off to take photos.
We headed out to the trails around the Inn. I love shooting in Geneva because it has some beautiful spots to take photos.
So brave! Matthew climbs up the railroad trestle for a photo.
And it’s worth it!
This bridge is awesome!
It was so windy that day! Matthew helped keep Meghan’s hair in check.
They both had great senses of humor and were so fun to shoot with.
But they were pros at some serious posing.
Meghan’s dress was so beautiful. She had it made at Dame Couture in Evanston.
A peck on the cheek…
…and a game of hide and seek.
What a rebel!
Meghan does a little window shopping a little too late.
We made our way into downtown Geneva to see what trouble we could get in to.
Matthew, always a gentleman. Time for an ice cream break.
I cheated.
Now the outfit is complete.
We ran into some family and friends while waiting in line.
Everyone took their ice cream and enjoyed it on the curb.
Finish up! It’s almost time to go!
Family picture time. Here’s the happy couple with their parents.
The group was ready to party.
They were a lot of fun to photograph. Full of energy! Matthew’s mother was ready to escape the wind.
Meghan got lots of love from her family and friends.
Diva! Meghan’s mom poses for the camera.
Uh oh.
Someone wasn’t a fan of the crackers…
Inside, the guests were enjoying drinks and each other’s company.
These table decorations were created by Matthew’s mom and sister.
The table decorations were a lot of fun. Check out that huge lollipop.
And jellybeans!
Flowers inside of a vintage milkshake maker!
Meghan and Matthew jump in the photobooth.
They had plenty of dress-up items for the guests to wear in the photobooth.
And the guests did it up right. My favorite is the “This is why we’re HAWT!!” photo.
I think she is screaming “DANCE PAR-TAY”!
Whatever she said definitely worked.
Jena from Toast & Jam was there to supply the soundtrack.
Mother and daughter bust a move together.
The party was in full swing.
Nice! ‘Footloose’ moves!
Thanks for the great evening, Matthew and Meghan. You two were a blast to work with. I’ll party with you and your family anytime!