My good friends Nika and Michael brought over their babies, Maxine and Delilah, for a shoot recently. The girls strapped on their tutus and prepped for the camera. We began the shoot off right, with Delilah giving me the finger. At least I think it’s Delilah… I’ve got a 50/50 chance on that, right?
Look at those adorable baby toes!
And adorable baby sneeze!
And not-so-adorable baby cry.
Nothing some attention from Dad (and possibly a bottle) can’t fix.
Hey there, bright eyes!
It’s that time of year! Strap on your Santa hats, babies- Mama needs a Christmas card!
This family is ready for the holidays!
Maxine and Delilah, you get cuter each time I see you. I hope you both have a wonderful 1st Christmas!