It’s hard to believe that Maxine and Delilah made their big entrance into the world a year ago!
I joined the girls and their mom and dad for a birthday celebration a few weeks ago.
Nika went all out with the rainbow-colored decorations. Balloons and pennants galore!
The girls needed some beauty sleep before we partied down, though.
Little Didi fell asleep at her chair… even the excitement of wearing a shiny birthday hat couldn’t keep her awake.
After a few winks, we spread out a blanket in the back yard and the girls began to play.
After some play time, Nika brought out rainbow cupcakes for the girls to try.
Delilah grabbed Max and they wasted no time!
Didi was a colorful mess!
And Maxine loves the taste of cupcake… I see many trips to the sweet shop in our shared future.
The cupcakes were a hit, as evidenced by what crumbs were left in the grass.
The sticky, messy birthday girls got out of their rainbow-stained clothes and hopped into their ball pit.
It’s always a good time in the ball pit!
Look at these two! Such happy birthday girls!
Birthday #1 was a complete success.
Happy Birthday, Maxine and Delilah! I’m already counting the days until your next party!