Here come Maxine and Delilah, serving up bag lady realness at the park.
I met these two dolls (and their parents) at the park for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. They wasted no time getting to work on the playground equipment. Maxine was excited to try out the slide…
…Delilah was a fan of the swings.
Look at that adorable face!!!
The cuteness factor went up 150% when they put on their Halloween costumes. First up was Care Bear Maxine.
Holy cow… these two together is almost too much.
It almost makes me want to have kids…. almost.
Here, mama and papa prep the girls for the ride home.
They weren’t having it, so mom strapped them into their harnesses and let them walk.
When we arrived back at home, Max made funny faces at me while Didi gathered some important props…
…their animal masks! Here’s Didi, showing off the bunny face.
Maxine makes for one cool kitty.
Aw, yeah! Barnyard dance!
Keep on having fun, Maxine and Delilah! See you again soon!