It’s time to get pretty!
Maxine was all dolled up and ready for the camera. Maxine was very, very excited.
So excited, in fact, she lost a roller.
And Delilah is a born model. You better werk, Didi!
This adorable duo belongs to my good friend Nika Vaughan, and she’ll be using some of these photos for marketing in the upcoming year.
We held the shoot in Nika’s studio, where the girls were allowed free reign to explore their mom’s shop…
…and try out some of her equipment.
Didi looked adorable…
…and the excitement of the day was almost too much for Max to handle.
Enjoy these pictures from Maxine and Delilah’s free day in Mom’s shop!
Awww… this is the best way to wrap up the fun.
Excellent work, girls!! You did your momma proud!