It was Meagan and Andrew’s big day! I met up with Meagan just as Beth Follert was finishing up her make up.
Her brother and mom stopped in to say ‘hi’.
Meanwhile, Braxton was with Andrew as he got ready.
Andrew’s brother was there to make sure everything was in place.
Meagan’s dress, just before she put it on.
Andrew and Meagan meet up to take photos before the ceremony.
We made our way around the grounds of Danada House to take some pictures before the ceremony.
We explored some of the stables that were on the property.
Her bouquet was bright and beautiful, designed by O’cie Floral.
And of course we had to stop and visit the horses!
Their venue had so many great places for photos. I loved shooting inside of the stables.
One more shot…
…then the bridal party joined us.
The guys all had drinks… except Andrew, who waited until after his ceremony.
And then…
they watched Meghan chase geese.
The ushers, ring bearer and flower girl jumped in for a shot.
Andrew’s brother, sister-in-law and niece came in close for a family picture.
Heading back for a few family photos.
The parents posed with the bride and groom.
Andrew’s grandmother and mom played it smart- they drove instead of walk to the ceremony site!
The ceremony got started soon after we took the family pictures. Here’s Andrew as he sees Meagan walking down the aisle.
Meagan’s Dad gave her a big hug as he gave her away.
Meagan’s brother.
Andrew’s brother.
Andrew’s mom, listening to the couple give their vows.
Meagan’s mother had to grab a tissue.
The trees, which were in full bloom, made for a wonderful backdrop to the ceremony.
A hug and a kiss at the end of the ceremony.
And of course, right after the ceremony was completed, the sun came out.
Just in time for the party!
The banquet room at Danada House was decorated perfectly and ready to go.
“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison was printed on their program and featured as part of their ceremony.
One of the ushers showed off his tux for me.
I was hanging out at the entrance of the banquet room, photographing guests as they entered when I saw a bird’s nest in the doorframe.
Andrew’s brother and her sister made a most excellent entrance to the reception.
Meagan’s sister had a bit of a misstep, and secured her spot in the Jeremy Lawson “OOPS!” Hall of Fame.
And here come the newlyweds!
They shared their first dance.
Then Meagan’s dad spoke to the happiness of the day.
Meagan’s Grandma got a really good cheek squeezin’.
Andrew’s brother then used hard scientific fact to prove why Meagan and Andrew make such a great couple.
Andrew was impressed.
Meagan and her dad.
This picture is of Meagan’s father as a young man, practicing his accordion.
He’s kept up with his practice, and performed for the wedding guests!
Luckily, there were more than a few accordion fans at the party.
The Lisa Rene Band played the hits that got everybody moving.
They had a little bit of a dance-off going.
Solo act!
Showin’ them how it’s done.
Andrew looks intimidating here, but he’s exactly the opposite. That’s what makes this picture funny. It’s called irony, people.
And here’s our dance-off winner!
Thanks for inviting me to your party, Meagan and Andrew! I had a blast!