Meagan and Andrew are getting married next May. We met up in the park to begin the shoot!
You can tell these two always have a good time together. This was our first shot of the day and they looked like naturals!
We had a great time walking around the park and shooting with all the great backdrops it offered up.
We got one last shot by the pond before heading out.
Posing with the punk rocker and company.
Andrew loves golf.
Meagan…not so much. =)
But she is a Bears fan!
Andrew, however, is not.
Next, we stumbled across some tagged-up walls. We randomly found this place. Pretty cool!
Another prime location on the west side of the city. Love that view of the skyline.
Waiting for the train…
and here it is!
The train’s little brother wasn’t far behind. How sad is that train?? =)
Off to the Kinzie Bridge.
Another spot that clients love. It’s one of the best bridges in the city!
Andrew and Meagan, I’m looking forward to shooting your wedding in May! It’ll be here before you know it!