It was gloomy and rainy outside, but spirits were bright and happy in Megan’s hotel room where she was getting ready for her marriage to David.
Megan’s mom was on hand to help her get ready.
One of the bridesmaids also took a turn with the buttons.
Shoes… check.
Megan took a second to run through her mental checklist before heading out the door.
She was ready to get married! Megan’s bridesmaids gave her a look-over before the group headed out to meet David.
David was in his hotel room getting ready at the same time.
He and Leah were on their way to the first meeting location when David was given his first “congratulations” of the day.
At the first meeting, David and Megan exchanged cards.
Hold it in, Megan! It’s too early in the day to make that mascara run!
We headed out into the city for some pre-wedding photos, and made Union Station our first stop.
This is a classic spot for taking wedding pictures.
We even had the whole wedding party jump in for a shot.
We took the show on the road, literally, and even the motorists had to grab a shot.
The bridesmaids were super attentive of Megan, wanting to make sure her dress didn’t get muddy and wet.
We moved off of the busy street and onto the bridge.
What a handsome couple…
One last group shot…
…and then into the bus to pick up the rest of the family.
Everyone on the bus was excited to have the ceremony and start the party.
The bus pulled up in front of Room 1520 with time to spare. Megan, David and I decided to make the best of use of the time by sneaking off for a few quick pictures.
The roof of Room 1520 boasts this fantastic view of the city skyline.
Time for the ceremony! David left to join his groomsmen…
…and Megan joined her bridesmaids.
The girls kicked off their shoes and rested their feet before lining up for the ceremony.
The guests arrived and were ushered in to find their seats.
Megan’s father couldn’t have looked more proud as he walked his daughter down the aisle.
Megan and David joined hands, as the Maid of Honor straightened up the train of the dress. Perfect!
The officiator for the service was the mother of one of the groomsmen.
Megan’s father listened attentively as the ceremony progressed.
The groomsmen listened closely as David began to state his marriage vow to Megan.
Megan made her promise to David…
…and put the ring on his finger.
The deal was sealed with a kiss.
The wedding party met the newlyweds with applause and champagne after leaving the ceremony location.
I captured a quick picture of Megan by herself. She was radiant after the ceremony, and her hair and makeup, done by Jessica of Sonia Roselli, looked amazing.
Time for cocktail hour!
David’s father met us at the door as we entered the room.
The cocktail hour featured drinks, appetizers (courtesy of the Food Evolution, hugs, great conversation…
…and shadow puppets!
The party was off to a great start. I left Leah to take pictures of guests while I attended to documenting the details of the day. Ali Phillips served as Megan and David’s wedding planner, so I knew there were going to be some beautiful and creative details to shoot.
Like Megan’s bouquet, which was designed by Alex at Exquisite Designs.
The tables were all set up and ready for the delicious meal from Food Evolution.
David even had a scotch bar for the guests to enjoy.
Guests wrote well wishes for the newlyweds on the back of these postcards. Ali then mailed them to Megan and David while they were on their honeymoon so they could enjoy them upon their return. What a great idea!
While the dinner was wrapping up, Megan’s dad took to the mic to thank the guests for sharing the day with his family.
David’s dad was up next with loving words for his son and new daughter.
David’s father’s speech was wonderful, and all about how he was best friends with David. You can tell by David’s smile in this picture just how much his father’s words meant to him.
And you can only imagine how many tissues David’s mother had to go through as a result.
When speeches wrapped up, the happy couple shared their first dance together as husband and wife.
And then Megan and her dad enjoyed a father-daughter dance.
David and his mom shared a lovely mother-son dance as well.
Then the party got started… with the hora!
The hora is always one of the highlights of the party, and these guests had just as much fun as the couple.
Time for dancing!
Allison from Toast & Jam was there to keep the party music going.
Ties were loosened, hair let down and boogie shoes strapped on.
David’s mother was having a blast. You couldn’t keep her away from the dance floor.
My last shot of the day was the ring shot, which I staged in the railing by the venue entrance.
Thanks for a great time, Megan and David. Congratulations on your marriage!