I was driving to photograph Meghan and Brian’s wedding here in Chicago. I didn’t have to search for their place for long… Meghan’s parents made this sign for outside their house.
Inside, the dress was hanging and waiting to go while Jessica and Jenna from Sonia Roselli finished Meghan’s hair and make-up.
Her jewelry was also nearby…
With hair and make-up done, Meghan’s mom and sister helped her into her dress.
Her mother and sister check her out before some last minute touch ups.
Mom does the clasp on her necklace…
…and her sister does a dress check before they head out the door.
Meanwhile, the groomsmen were outside enjoying some of the finer things in life.
The socks look nice, but I feel like something is still missing from the outfit.
Back inside, Meghan was ready to have her first meeting with Brian.
But first she let her dad have a good look.
Meghan and Brian share a moment together…
…and then we headed out with the wedding party to take some pictures.
The groomsmen were all about having a good time.
They were full of energy and all over the place!
The bridesmaids were a little more reserved.
But not so much that they wouldn’t climb on the playground equipment.
All the playing made us work up a thirst.
Luckily there was someone there to help us out.
Then we stopped at the Driscoll House in Beverly.
The wedding party waited patiently while Brian, Meghan and I took pictures, but it was time to go to the church!
Their programs, which were handed out at the front door, featured this cool black and white design. They had tons of cool designs but this was my favorite.
Outside St. Barnabas the guests were beginning to assemble.
Meghan’s nephew found his seat.
And Brian took his place at the alter, watching Meghan as she made her way to him.
Meghan’s father beamed with pride as he walked her down the aisle.
These beautiful orchids, prepared by Steuber’s, were placed in the church to represent the grandparents that had passed away.
The priest begins the ceremony.
Meghan’s mom takes communion.
The couple exchanges rings and vows.
And then the guests share the peace with each other.
It’s a done deal!
Our newlyweds make their way outside to prepare to greet their guests.
Meghan’s teen-aged cousin was the videographer for the day. He was so into it and did a great job!
The wedding party jumped on the party bus to take some pictures before the reception. The bridesmaids filled the bus with celebratory bubbles.
The bus took us into the city, and we jumped out to start taking pictures at our final stop before the big party!
I was thrilled when the two of them climbed up on the bridge. I always ask couples to do it, and no one ever does! Special bravery award for Meghan and Brian. They were the first!
Their reception was in the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza in the Loop. This was the view from the top floor where their reception was held. Love that view.
They had the most incredible idea for place cards. They took one huge mural of downtown and cut it up into the individual cards.
After everyone filed in and found their seats, Meghan’s dad gave his congratulations to the newlyweds.
Meghan and her sister, who also served as maid of honor, shared some smiles during their dad’s speech.
Then it was her sister’s turn to toast the couple.
After the speeches, the couple shared their first dance.
Then everyone joined in on the dancing.
The Gold Coast Orchestra played the tunes that kept the guests dancing.
What is this guy up to?
When people needed a break from the dance floor they hopped in the photo booth.
Meghan’s dad wasn’t afraid to try on the costumes. It’s a good look!
This partygoer caught some major air, courtesy of her dance partner.
This party animal was double-fisting it!
Everybody was partying hard.
As the party wore on into the night, I made one last round before heading out the door.
You have a wonderful group of friends and family, Meghan and Brian. Congratulations on your marriage, and thanks so much for having me share in the fun!