My day with Mel and Richard began in the bride’s hotel suite, where Mel’s mother was helping our bride into her dress. Mel and Richard had planned a gorgeous winter wedding, staged entirely in downtown Chicago, and I couldn’t wait to see how their big day turned out.
Once Mel was secure in her dress, there were just a few tiny details to attend to. You could see the excitement in Mel’s eyes in the moments before Richard appeared in the suite for the couple’s first look. They spent more than a few moments admiring each other during that first look, and then we were off to take pictures around town.
Not far from the hotel was Michigan Avenue, our first stop for pre-wedding photos. Mel and Richard were the first to take step into the middle of the street, then their wedding party cuddled in around them.
It was chilly out, so we were quick to jump back into the limo! We warmed up a bit as we traveled a few blocks to the LaSalle Street Bridge.
Our stop here gave Mel a chance to show off her wedding look. She absolutely perfected the ‘winter bride’ style.
Mel and Richard took another turn in front of the camera…
…while their bridal party cheered them on. This was such a fun group to work with- nonstop smiles and laughter all day. It’s a quality that shows in all of these images!
We took a short walk down LaSalle for a few shots in front of the iconic Board of Trade. I appreciated how willing everyone in the group was to brave the busy street in order to get fantastic images!
Excitement was high as we wrapped up the pre-ceremony shoot…
…a few minutes later, we were back at Chez, where the ceremony and reception were held, as Mel and Richard’s families participated in their Ketubah signing ceremony. Everyone gathered around the couple as this important marriage contract was read aloud and signed.
After the Ketubah signing, family and friends took their seats in the main hall for the wedding ceremony. The proceedings were beautiful, full of meaning, emotion and tradition.
Mel’s mother was beaming with happiness as she watched Mel drink from the Kiddush cup.
Richard’s parents stood proudly behind their son during the ceremony as well.
Several of the guests took turns sharing a reading as part of the ceremony…
…and Mel and Richard took turns reading the vows they had written.
With vows and rings exchanged, Richard broke the ceremonial glass. Mazel Tov!
Richard and Mel were officially married! The two made their exit down the aisle and stepped upstairs to spend some time alone.
Family and friends moved on to cocktail hour and enjoyed drinks, hors d’oeuvres and each other’s company…
…while I set out to take pictures of details. And were there ever some incredible details to capture! Mel and Richard spent a lot of time working with the staff at Chez to make the best use of their space.
There were gorgeous details everywhere; so many beautiful and creative touches. The couple’s event coordinator Nicole, of LK Events, was instrumental in making sure that everything was perfect. Nicole went to great strides to make sure Mel and Richard’s vision came to life!
And a special credit has to be given to Mel’s mother, who also worked diligently on behalf of her daughter and new son-in-law. With all these talented people working together, it was no wonder that the event was so breathtaking.
I was thrilled by this unique way of presenting the menu created by Entertaining Company. I was thrilled by all of it, actually: the flowers, the centerpieces, the table settings. I can’t stop gushing about how fantastic everything looked!
And take a look at this confectionary wonder: this amazing cake was baked by the team at Elysia Root Cakes.
Mel’s bouquet was perfectly designed and constructed by Vince at Kehoe Designs.
As guests settled in for dinner, Mel and Richard kicked off the celebration by sharing their first dance.
Speeches began with the traditional breaking of the bread…
…followed by shared memories from Mel’s parents.
Richard’s brother, who served as Best Man, gave his best wishes to the newlyweds.
And then Mel’s Maid of Honor offered up a toast.
Mel and her father spent some time on the dance floor, sharing a special parent dance.
And then it was Hora time! Can you believe how excited Mel is for this!?!?
The couple’s friends and family gathered around, prepared to hoist Mel and Richard into the air.
I love a good Hora, and this one did not disappoint. So much fun!
The Hora was completed, but the dance party was just getting started. The Bluewater Kings Band was on hand to provide the dance music for the night, and as you can tell by the look on Mel’s mom’s face, they knew how to please the crowd! See for yourself in this collection of images from Mel and Richard’s dance party:
And a good time was had by all… especially me! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with me, Mel and Richard. Congratulations on your marriage!