I had a blast in NYC shooting Melissa and Jesse’s engagement session. Their wedding in Michigan was a blast too!

We started things off at the church on a very warm July day!

The ladies were ready to go when they arrived and just had some last minute touch ups to tend to!
I love this shot of her before she made her way down the aisle.
Jesse gets a hug from the best man and the big show starts!
The church was beautiful!
Someone partied hard the night before. =)
Making it official.
Puppy stop!
The cork was MIA.
We jump on the trolley and head to our first stop.
I photographed Amy and David’s wedding where Jesse was a groomsmen. It was nice hanging out with familiar faces all day!
A parking garage will always get my attention!
And Melissa again! She was looking gorgeous!!
Some Michigan graffiti!
We stopped for a shake to cool off.
Back on the trolley with the wild wedding party.
Some trolley dancin’.
This guy got his dance on too!
He danced his way over to the wedding party. So glad he did!
The Birmingham gave Melissa and Jesse a big shout out!
We had to shoot around this car that wouldn’t move. Lame.
Jesse pulls a “runaway groom”.
A final shot of Melissa and we head to the reception.
We were all treated to a live musical performance.
We made it to the Bloomfield Hills Country Club and decided to do a few quick photos before heading in for some cocktails.
Love this one!
The girls make fun of the guys as they do the cheesy wedding pose.
A high five from the guys and the wedding party heads inside for the party.
A few more shots of the couple.
Another wedding. Another middle finger.
A sweet introduction.
Some speeches.
I really love this shot of Melissa!
My favorite shot from their first dance.
Melissa and her father.
And the dancing begins!
Jesse’s Girl got the audience going crazy. I loved it!
Jesse’s father and sister.
Watch out!
The party was so insane the chandelier broke!
They treated the guests to milk and cookies on the way out.
They kept the rings.