Michelle and Jerry were getting married at the Hotel Orrington…just down the road from where I live in Evanston. It was the first time in 2012 I’d be shooting a wedding on my home turf, and I was looking forward to it. I found Michelle at the hotel while Nika Vaughan was working her make-up magic.
Michelle’s niece was lending a helping hand, too.
Michelle’s hair was styled by a good friend of hers. They attended to a few minor adjustments and then we were out the door on our way to meet Jerry.
Jerry was just across the street from the hotel, waiting patiently for his first look at his bride.
Look at those smiles… I could tell we were going to have a fun day.
I took a minute to snap a photo of her bouquet before we went out for pre-wedding photos. Elizabeth from Asrai Garden did a beautiful job with the floral design for the day.
First stop… Evanston Art Center.
Michelle’s family grouped up for a portrait.
The call of the playground equipment was too strong to resist.
Michelle and Jerry even got in on the action!
Michelle’s nieces polished off some dandelions…
…and then joined the family for more pictures.
With family portraits done, the happy couple and I headed out to take pictures around the Arts Center.
The Evanston Arts Center is a photographer’s dream. There’s a grove of trees to shoot in…
… an ivy-covered mansion…
…and the lake is just behind it! This section is near the Northwestern campus. Over the years, students have painted some of the rocks that are on the shoreline. We found one that was very appropriate for the occasion.
Time for a pre-wedding sugar buzz! The whole gang stopped by Andy’s Frozen Custard to grab some treats.
Michelle’s niece was a big fan of Andy’s!
We had plenty of time before the ceremony, which was just around the corner from Andy’s, so we took our time and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
The ceremony area was all set up and ready for the big moment.
Big, bright bunches of sunflowers greeted the couple as they made their way to the altar.
Michelle’s dad watched proudly as the ceremony began.
Michelle’s nephew looked sharp in his tux.
Jerry’s face was glowing as he listened to Michelle’s vows.
Then the officiant presented the newlyweds.
Jerry, Michelle and their guests made their way to the ballroom to begin the reception.
Her niece hammed it up for the camera before joining everyone else.
When everyone had found their seats, Michelle’s dad gave a speech in honor of his daughter and new son-in-law.
Next up was Michelle’s brother-in-law with a toast for the newlyweds.
Michelle’s dad approved.
The sisters shared a big hug after the Maid of Honor speech.
Then the music cued up and Michelle and Jerry shared their first dance.
Dustin from Toast & Jam played one of the bride’s favorite songs to get the dance party started.
Their nephew got rid of the tux and put on some party clothes. He was ready to tear up the dance floor!
This is how serious partiers get ready to throw down.
Michelle’s mom showed off her moves for the camera.
The party was in full swing, and this smile was on Jerry’s face the whole time.
Congratulations on your marriage, Michelle and Jerry! Thanks for sharing the day with me!