Our good friends Michelle and Kyle came to Chicago earlier this month to spend a few days with us. Kyle just graduated with his business degree and to celebrate we headed out to US Cellular Field for a White Sox game. It was a first for all of us.
I brought my camera along, and was glad I did. Otherwise I never would have immortalized this epic wedgie.
My favorite part were the fireworks that were set off after every home run.

Wait… I take it back. The food was my favorite part and the fireworks were a close second.
And there were a lot of home runs that night. The Sox were killin’ it!
There’s Kyle, in the corner enjoying a beer. He has a goal to see a game at all of the ballparks in America. Cross one more off the list!
Brilliant use of hoodie technology.
Did I mention the food? Jarrod was pleased with the popcorn vendors. Here he is, acting classy and huffing carmel corn.
Michelle and Jarrod were more invested in entertaining each other than in the game.
They had a few good belly laughs in the last few innings, when the beer kicked in.
The game was over and the field crew pulled out the tarp. The good people at the Cell had a treat for us.
The lights went out, the music cued up…
…and the fireworks started!
Pretty! Nothing says summer in America like a ball game and fireworks.
We had an awesome time with our buddies at our first White Sox game.