The day had come for Miranda and Rich to take the plunge! I began the day with Miranda, who was getting ready at the Hotel Raffaello downtown, right next to the Hancock Tower.
Check out this awesome Save the Date card. I love what they designed.
Her dress.
Love the bow!
Miranda was just finishing up her make up when I got there. She had Jennifer, a talented artist from Sonia Roselli’s studio do her make up for the big day.
Love this one.
Miranda’s mom got a shot of her own!
With the make up done, it was time to put on that dress. I was denied by her mother!
Rich and his groomsmen on the trolley, gearing up for the day.
The guys stayed on the trolley…
…while Rich patiently waited to see Miranda for the first time that day.
They had their first meeting in the middle of Michigan Avenue, just outside of the Hancock Tower.
Time for photos!
Miranda is so much fun. When she was giving me the details of her day, she called herself a goofball. Those are my favorite kind of people!
We headed to our first location.
Rich does works for NBC here in Chicago. He does video for them and wanted the NBC tower in one of their photos.
His hat made for some cool shots!
These two were in charge of pressing the crosswalk button. Great job, guys!
Everybody back on the trolley!
Next stop: Art Institute!
Here’s the wedding party on the skywalk.
We decided to take advantage of the gardens next to the Art Institute.
The Art Institute offers so many opportunities for great pictures. I’m always happy when clients say they want to take photos there.
Being goofballs.
Paparazzi shot!
She was definitely working the camera! She was channeling her inner diva here. Speaking of diva’s, Miranda and Rich left for Dollywood shortly after their wedding. Anyone that goes to Dollywood for their honeymoon is UH-mazing in my book!
Back on the trolley, Miranda got on the phone to attend to some last minute details.
Off to the Kinzie Street bridge! We found a staircase to pose the wedding party on.
So excited about the bridge that they couldn’t contain it.
After burning off some energy, we settled down and posed on the bridge.
The moment has arrived! The guests were at the Newberry Library in Ruggles Hall getting ready for the ceremony.
One guest of honor.
Miranda’s dad walked her in.
Rich watches as she makes her way up to him.
She was already on Facebook talking about the big day.
Miranda was even being goofy during the ceremony. Love it!
The service begins.
Rich’s mom watches.
Miranda’s mother.
They tied these two wine glasses together with a ribbon as a metaphor for their union.
Miranda and Rich begin to deliver their vows to each other.
Cocktail hour! Bottoms up!
The guests enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres immediately after the ceremony. The catering was done by Food Evolution.
Taking it all in.
Watch out for that baby! She goes right for the face!
Mmmmmm…. cake! The beauty was designed and baked by Luscious Layers.
Rich’s mom thanked all the guests for coming and sharing the day with them.
I think this little guy was wishing for more cake.
The best man gave a toast to the new couple.
The maid of honor gives her best wishes as well.
Look! Santa even came to their wedding.
Finally, Miranda and Rich address the guests with warmest appreciation.
This was so cool- Miranda hired a group of performers to do a Lion Dance. This is a Chinese tradition that she set up as a surprise for Rich.
And he was surprised!
The aftermath of the Lion Dance.
Next up was the slideshow that Rich put together.
And then the first dance.
Mother approved.
Miranda and her father shared a father-daughter dance as well.
A photo booth! And where there’s a photo booth…
There will be props. Score!
Pirate Frankenstein! Great idea!
Dancing shoes on.
Time to move!!! The masks hit the floor.
People were groovin’ to the tunes provided by Toast and Jam.
Grab your lady, ’cause it’s time for a slow jam. AWKWARD.
Her parents.
The day was a complete success! Two thumbs up from the bride. Things went smoothly with help from Honeybee Weddings.
I just had to use these beauties for the ring shot.
Congratulations, Rich and Miranda! I wish all the best for a truly fun couple!