It seems like I rarely make it home! Summers are crazy with weddings and other shoots so when I figured out a way to escape the city, me and Jarrod hit the road!!! I am from Brazil. NO, not South America….Indiana! I do admit that I sometimes leave the ‘Indiana’ out of the equation just for fun.

Home sweet Indiana.

Arriving at my sisters new home. She now lives in the house that I grew up in!
My sister.
The carnival was in town. I will never ride this again! I thought I was going to fall over when I got off!
Spencer wins a fish! I am sure his mom was excited about that one. Ha!
Tristan looks so small on this ride!
Joey is taking his best aim so that he can win the rabbit, YES, a rabbit!!!
Um..there were kids everywhere! Brody is in love.
Me and Jarrod found out that you do get ripped off at the carnival.
Jarrod, mom and my aunt Brenda getting ready to meet me for some walking tacos and elephant ears. Yes, it was a healthy trip home!
My dad and Joanie beating us to the punch.
And then I headed to my dads place for the 4th of July…
My cousin Starrla making a crazy face!
Trying to avoid the camera! She got used to it after about one minute!
Brody celebrating the 4th!!
He loved it!
And I leave you with Henry. Henry is the newest addition to my mothers side of the family.