Here come Natalie and Justin! This lovely couple is getting married next March in New Orleans, and I’ll be there to photograph it. Today, though, we’re spending some time together and shooting their engagement session. We began by meeting up at Four Moon Tavern.
No time for a drink at the tavern! We had places to go, like this spot just off of the Chicago river. A quick wave to the people on the boat tour and we headed off to some of my favorite spots.
Natalie and Justin show off their balancing act. Hang in there, Natalie!
I love taking my couples for a walk along the Bloomington trail. There are ton of great backdrops, like this mural.
And of course, the train tracks.
Justin and Natalie will be getting married in New Orleans. Justin wasn’t afraid to put on his beads, which Natalie gives a big ‘thumbs up’.
It’s raining beads!
Since we’re going to be partying in New Orleans for their wedding, I needed to see their dance moves. They both do a mean ‘Urkel’.
Watch out, Justin!
What a fun couple!
I wrapped up our afternoon by taking a picture of their gorgeous rings.
I had a great time with your engagement session, Natalie and Justin! I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have at your New Orleans wedding!